Hello, my name is Eleanor Mae Brown  but I am better know as Ellie. I am 22 years old and currently live in the South East of the UK.

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, but you probably realised that already. This page is about giving you a small insight into my life outside of the Graphic Design and Illustration world.

Here are 10 Things* you need to know about me:

*Not Graphic Design or Illustration related


Travel is a passion of mine. I enjoy exploring new places and learning about new cultures. In the past few years, I have visited places such as Italy, Dublin, New York, Hong Kong, Spain and Crete.



I love cats! I currently have two cats called Tilly and Fudge! They are tabby cats and they are sisters!



My zodiac sign is a Taurus. Apparently, this means I strive to achieve, I am generally creative and can sometimes be stubborn in order to achieve my goals.  



During my free time, I like to spend time with my family outdoors. We often go for walks in our local area including our local beach. I love the seaside and hope to always live close to the sea.


I have a fear of  Wax People, Mannequins, and basically anything design to look human that isn't human. This makes things such as shopping for clothes and visiting some museums very difficult for me. I don't know the reason why I am afraid of them. 


I've always appreciated traditional and modern architecture. I can often be found photographing or drawing buildings with nice architectural features.


I am becoming addicted to house plants. Because I can't remember the actual names for the plants, I give them names so I know when to water them. My most recent plant addition is named FIJI because it is a tropical house plant.


Most days, I exercise because I find it is a great stress busting activity. I am currently enjoying going out running. But usually, I would go to the Gym.


Foods I love are gherkins, chocolate, peanut butter, marmite, coffee, sweet potatoes, avocado and most Mexican food.

Foods that I dislike include lamb, pork, beef, mushrooms, tea and porridge. My body dislikes lactose, so I am diary free.


I am dyslexic. It affects my short term memory and reading the most. I have a tendency to skip every 5th line of a passage of text without releasing.

I hope this has answered a few questions about me. I will update you if anything changes.

Written by Eleanor Mae Brown

Date 01 / 06 / 2020