Health Journal

University Project

Research - Development - Product Design - Branding

The Health Journal Project was inspired by a family member with a terminal illness. I decided I wanted to design a planner that could hold both Medical and Personal diary information.

The journal was split into 3 sections; the first was an emergency information section including medication details, emergency contact details and extraordinary measures information


The second section was a space for the owner to document happy memories and information about themselves so that there carers can learn a little about them even if they are unable to communicate.

The third section is the diary section. Each double spread contained an area for writing, a doodle area, pain trackers and medication trackers.

During this project, I visited an End of Life Hospice to interview Staff and Patiences about what they thought the planner should include. I even had the time to sit in and help in an art lesson for the in patiences and community patiences. Overall, the time at the hospice helped me to design this planner in a more practical way. Decisions such as the plastic cover, size and font type were selected by the patiences.

More health journal photographs coming soon!